Linux Development

Build system, Application Development, Driver Development , Microcontroller Programming, Test Framework, Field Upgrade and Flashing mechanism and Automation

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Research & Development

Proof-of-Concept development, Technical Feasibility Study, Rapid Prototyping

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Product development

Hardware Prototyping, Product Design, PCB Design, Software Development, 3D design for housing, 3D printing

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Automotive Grade Linux

Linux Foundation has collaborated with Automobile companies to bring out a Automative field specific distribution “The Automotive Grade Linux” . What is Automotive Grade Linux? AGL or Automotive Grade Linux is an open collaboration between various industry and open source projects to provide a distribution of Linux for Automotive sector. The Distribution is generic and […]

Embedded System Field Upgrade and Maintanance

The advantage of embedded system based products are the software. Once the hardware is well defined and designed with all the future requirements, most of the features are achieved using software. With software it is possible to fix the bug, improve a feature, innovate new ideas and develop them. Most of the embedded system product […]

Internet of things – Need for standard physical interface

Internet of things is about bringing electronics devices which sits at your home to the Internet. For more information about what it click here. Basically the idea and the intention is to get an IP address to every device and make it talk with other device. The idea is simple and cool, With it its […]

Internet of Things – Food vending machine

With Internet of things aka IoT trending now, I was trying to find ways and needs where it can be useful for people. Like in my first article about defining a physical interface standard for Internet of Things where it is useful for home appliances, here I am trying to make use of IoT in […]