Site of the day: Asciinema

While surfing the internet I get to see a lot of sites which are impressive, I bookmark some of them locally but there are few which I would like to share and this is one of them

Its self understandable As the website says “Record and share your terminal sessions, the right way.”

I will use this to publish some of my command streaks.

BSOD in Train station

BSOD in Train station

The BSOD aka Blue screen of death  is a legacy  kernel panic screen of Windows displayed in a blue color background. You would often see it in your personal computer when Windows crashes.If you happen to travel to another country  and stand in a railway station looking for important announcements about train timings then you see this, Would you  laugh or panic ? :). I took this pic at Bologna station.

Linux One Day One Command gets Debianized.

Since long time I have been trying to do this, I just got the time, know-how and tools to accomplish it. To give an introduction, One Day One Command as the name suggest is a tutorial for Linux commands  sent in a daily basis for a period of time. This work was initiated by Bharathi of Indian Linux User Group Chennai shortly ILUGC, and few other contributed to it. I used to read those mail from the mailinglist and eventually got the oppurtunity to work under him and then  I saw  “Making of one day one command” from behind the scene :).
Long time back I had collected those mails and made them in to individual text files. I wanted to create an android App but then I thought it would not be useful if you cannot copy paste directly to terminal. SO I decided to make a debian package of it. I made a small script to display them using a less text viewer. It works like this.

$ odoc ls

This will show the odoc tutorials of ls. Regarding debian package, I havent completely done the work but, The initial work is done and anyone can extend now with little or no effort. Now I got explain how I got the debian packaging. I will explain it in my next post :).
You can find the source here