Building OpenWRT with Python for RT5350F evaluation board – Internet Of Things

Its been some weeks since I got my hands on the RT5350F board from Olimex. I started building the openwrt for the board and it throwed some error and then put it to the shelf, then I started again this time and resolved the issues to build the image. In addition to that I also included python to the image.

I followed this link to build the openwrt.

mkdir openwrt
cd openwrt
git clone -b rt5350f
cd openwrt

This should normally fetch you the freshly built opewrt image for the RT5350F board.
But due to some error it was not. So I used this command to know what error it was.

make  V=s

This gave me the information that it was unable to download a version openssl package from the link .

Then I decided to download the package manually from another source.

cd dl
cd ..
make  V=s

I was trying to add python to the image, but in the menuconfig there was no option to select python. After some
googling I found the solution to add python to the openwrt image.

$scripts/feeds update
$scripts/feeds install python
$make menuconfig # Select python

Everything well smooth and I got the image at this location


The image I built is 8.6 MB but the flash size is 8MB So I need to prune the image to fit.
I will explain about flashing and other means of booting the board in my next blogs.

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