Flash Linux image to SD card like never before

When setting up Linux system for your favourite hacker board,  you will need an SD Card and the image to flash. Then you will use tools such as dd in Linux or any image burner in windows. Though these tools that you use works well but thats not its intended for and since no better tool was available these tools became defacto.

I recently got to know that resin.io has developed a new tool called Etcher.  Its made using Electron, if you dont know what is Electron is then check my previous post on it. This App is available for Linux 32 and 64 , Windows and MAC. I downloaded the Linux version, I also downloaded and Image for Orange PI Zero from armbian. You can either download from there or build your own image, for more detail about this check out my rootfilesystem article.

Now get you SD card ready, extract the Etcher app and run it either by clicking it or like this

$unzip Etcher-1.0.0-rc.5-linux-x86.zip

Then you get this screen.
Unpack the downloaded image and select the image by clicking the “Select image”

Now insert the SD card and check it is detected by the Etcher.

Click the Flash button

Then ..



The best part of this application is the validation after flashing


And when sucessful you will get this message.


This App is very useful for flashing without any hassle.

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