Flashing Arduino Pro Mini 3V using FTDI Breakout

This post is about getting started with the Arduino Pro Mini board.

It is a small breakout board which uses the same microcontroller that is used in Arduino i.e Atmega328. To flash the board you need FTDI breakout board, USB Cable and of course Arduino Pro Mini. It requires a 3.3v power supply and is powered using the FTDI board, so you do not need an external power supply when it is connected to the FTDI board.




The FTDI breakout is designed to fit with the Arduino board such that I do not require any additional cables or change in pin settings.

From the software side, you need to install the Arduino IDE and open the Blink example. You should also select the board for which the sketch/code should be compiled. It can be done by clicking Tools->Boards->Arduino Pro or Pro Mini (3.3V & 8Mhz) w/Atmega328 . Then you plug the USB cable which is already connected to the FTDI/Arduino circuit and hit the upload button.

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