Getting started with ESP8266 – NodeMCU

A quick way to flash Lua based NodeMCU firmware in ESP8266 for IOT prototyping applications.

ESP8266 is a Wifi enabled micro-controller on the boom. The rise of Internet of things and the launch of this chip has taken over many other Wifi modules which are quite expensive. There are innumerable number of choices for selecting your ESP8266 boards. I got a couple of them manufactured by Olimex. I just started working on this chip, sure there will be more posts about this one. At the moment I was able to flash NodeMCU Lua interpreter to the chip.

Hardware :

For flashing this chip I used,

1. Sparkfun FTDI Basic breakout,

2. Wires

3. Breadboard

4. ESP8266 module.

Wiring connection:

I connected them like shown below.



















Which looks like this 🙂

Breadboard connection:


















I downloaded a nodemcu firmware from here and flashed it to the controller.

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