How to setup Laser module with Orange Pi Zero

Playing with laser is cool and controlling the laser with Linux is uber cool. I have been playing with  45 in 1 sensor kit. As part of it comes the laser module. Its a small laser light which is a equivalent to  a keychain laser light with gpio controllable pinouts. I have already written on how to setup laser with Arduino. Now we will see how to get it working with Orange Pi Zero running armbian Linux.

Hardware required:

For this project you need



Orange Pi Pinout is shown below.

Here we are going to use the GND pin and the GPIO PA12 on the top left for controlling the laser.


git clone 
cd orangepi_PC_gpio_pyH3 
python install

Now I used the standard blink led example from the repository to run the blink laser example.


If you are able to run the above code successfully then you will be controlling laser with Linux 🙂 .

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