Linux One Day One Command gets Debianized

Since a long time I have been trying to do this, I just got the time, know-how and tools to accomplish it.
To give an introduction, One Day One Command as the name suggest is a tutorial for Linux commands  sent in a daily basis for a period of time.  This work was initiated by Bharathi of Indian Linux User Group Chennai shortly ILUGC, and few other contributed to it.  I used to read those mail from the mailing list and eventually got the opportunity to work under him and then I saw  “Making of one day one command” from behind the scene :). Long time back I had collected those mails and made them in to individual text files. I wanted to create an android App but then I thought it would not be useful if you cannot copy paste directly to terminal. So I decided to make it installable either as debian package or a self extracting  script. I made a small script to display them using a less text viewer.


 $ git clone
 $ cd odoc/installer
 $ chmod +x
 $ sudo ./

And it works like this, the below command will display the tutorial for ls command.

$ odoc ls

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