No more parsing is required, Move from ifconfig to ifdata

There are some requirements where you may need to get the network related information  and handle them in your script, it may come often or rarely but irrespective of it, you will choose certain standard ways. For example if you want to list the number of network interface or check if an interface is up or not or let say you want to know the MAC Address if the interface, you will mostly use ifconfig command and parse the information. You will use pipes, sed, awk, grep, regex and other filter tools. You dont need all these things if you use the command ifdata.

According to the manpage ifdata it says ” get network interface info without parsing ifconfig output”

#apt-get install moreutils
Usage: ifdata [options] iface
     -e   Reports interface existence via return code
     -p   Print out the whole config of iface
    -pe   Print out yes or no according to existence
    -pa   Print out the address
    -pn   Print netmask
    -pN   Print network address
    -pb   Print broadcast
    -pm   Print mtu
    -ph   Print out the hardware address
    -pf   Print flags
    -si   Print all statistics on input
   -sip   Print # of in packets
   -sib   Print # of in bytes
   -sie   Print # of in errors
   -sid   Print # of in drops
   -sif   Print # of in fifo overruns
   -sic   Print # of in compress
   -sim   Print # of in multicast
    -so   Print all statistics on output
   -sop   Print # of out packets
   -sob   Print # of out bytes
   -soe   Print # of out errors
   -sod   Print # of out drops
   -sof   Print # of out fifo overruns
   -sox   Print # of out collisions
   -soc   Print # of out carrier loss
   -som   Print # of out multicast
  -bips   Print # of incoming bytes per second
  -bops   Print # of outgoing bytes per second
$ifdata -pn wlan0
$ifdata -pm wlan0
$ifdata -e wlan0
echo $?
$ifdata -e wlan5
echo $?

For more information about this useful command

man ifdata

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