pyp – A Python Alternative to awk, sed and unix power tools


pyp is a linux command line utility for text manipulation much similar to Python alternatives to awk, sed and other unix power tools. The best is that you can use the unix pipe ‘|’ to and from the pyp command and internally use python syntax. This gives the power of python in shell.


apt-get install pyp
pip install pyp
ls *jpg
20170531_212144.jpg  20170531_212218.jpg 20170531_212227.jpg
krish@code:~/work/codelectron/Sensorkit$ ls | pyp "p.replace('jpg','jpeg') "
 ls | pyp "p.replace('jpg','jpeg') |p.upper()" 20170531_212144.JPEG 20170531_212218.JPEG 20170531_212227.JPEG 

Pyed Pyper was developed at Sony Pictures Imageworks. It facilitated the construction of complex image manipulation “one-liner” commands, during visual effects work on Alice in Wonderland and Green Lantern. For more information refer to this link

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