Stone: An awesome packet repeater tool that will save your day

Theres a saying that “There’s more than one way to bake a cake” I often believe that this applies to Linux eco system as well. Interestingly  I was in a situation where there was a requirement to connect two network interfaces to make a bunch of connections happen. I already had some  options on my table, such as iptables, bridge-utils etc. But I decided not to use them for one reason that I wanted even simpler solution. And suddenly I came across a tool called stone.

Stone is a simple TCP/IP packet repeater according to its manual but it also does UDP/IP repeating. It also supports proxy, ssl encryption etc.It is available in Debian and Ubuntu repository.

Using stone I solved my problem but I found that the tool offers much more than that and there was no documentation other than the man pages so I thought of writing one. In order to show some bunch of example let me give a picture of my system settings

My system consist of two interfaces Eth0 and Wlan0. And Eth0 is having  IP and Wlan0 with IP



Telnet Repeater using Stone:

Assume that you want to redirect telnet service that is running at IP at port 23 to IP at port 100023. A telnet server is running at IP at port 23. Now you dont want to run the telnet service for the IP at the same port instead at port 10023.




$sudo apt-get install stone.
$ stone
$telnet 10023

Trying ...
Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.
Ubuntu 14.04 LTS
lab login:

SSL Telnet using stone

Now Lets try to run a secure telnet to the outer side of the wireless interface.


Install SSL Telnet Client

sudo apt-get install telnet-ssl
sudo stone localhost:telnet 10023/ssl
$telnet-ssl localhost 10023

Multiple rules using stone

If you want to combine more than one redirection rule then use “–” as the seperator for adding multiple rules.


sudo stone -- --

Proxy service using Stone
Stone can also be used as a proxy server with and without authentication. This example
is without using authentication.


$sudo stone proxy

$export http_proxy=


Truly the stone tool is a swiss army knife. Refer to man page for more examples. If you find this article interesting kindly share it, if you have any feedback or correction please comment below.

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