Things that an Orange PI can do and Raspberry Pi or A Beagle bone cannot

Get to know the few things which an Orange PI can do and Raspberry pi or Beagle bone cannot.

Power Over Ethernet:

Power over Ethernet or PoE describes any of several standardized or ad-hoc systems which pass electric power along with data on twisted pair Ethernet cabling. This allows a single cable to provide both data connection and electric power to devices such as wireless access points, IP cameras, and VoIP phones”. Both Raspberry pi and beagle bone can be made to support PoE, but it is not supported by default as it is in Orange Pi Zero. Though it is supported, by default it is disabled and should be enabled with help of the link provided here.


Though the latest Raspberry PiĀ  has a builtin wifi, all the other boards do not have that out of the box and Beagle bone black qualify for not having a wifi in this case.

Jailhouse – Linux-based partitioning hypervisor:

If the first two are hardware feature this one is a hardware and software one. Jailhouse is a partitioning Hypervisor based on Linux. It is able to run bare-metal applications or (adapted) operating systems besides Linux. This project makes use of the hardware feature and provide facility to run multiple operating system running at the same time beside running Linux. You can check the project here . The important point here is that it required minimum a dual core and the support for the hardware. While Beagle bone is a single core and it is not possible to run jailhouse on top of it, the Raspberry Pi has got no hardware support. Interestingly Orange pi Zero 256 MB version is supported.

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  • March 28, 2017 at 8:43 am

    Does anyone know where I can find benchmark results for the Orange Pi boards? I ve looked for them, but I can t find any.


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